Driver Safety Courses

Drive Vehicles under Operational Conditions

This unit covers the competency to drive operational vehicles such as Fire Trucks, Fast Attacks, Ambulances, Water Trucks etc. This includes safe operation of all vehicle functions and effective management of hazardous situations under operational and emergency conditions.

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Operate and Maintain a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

The course is designed for people who require a complete range of knowledge and skills to operate and maintain a four wheel drive vehicle.

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Operate Light Vehicle

The Operate Light Vehicle course is for people who will be responsible for operating a light vehicle in an operational role. The course includes planning and preparing for a journey, pre-start, start-up, shut-down procedures, operating a light vehicle over different terrains and completing minor maintenance on a light vehicle.

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Operate Vehicles in the Field

This course targets safe driving practices in the field as well as the implementation of emergency and vehicle recovery techniques.

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