Permits / Risk Safety Courses

Conduct Local Risk Control

This unit covers the conduct of local risk control in resources and infrastructure industries. It includes identifying hazards; assessing risk and identifying unacceptable risk; identifying, assessing and implementing risk treatments; and completing records and reports.

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Issue Work Permits

This competency unit addresses the need for students who issue work permits to understand the permit system, know the limitations of each permit and make decisions regarding the need for and correct use of each permit. This competency unit includes the issue of any and all permits. It applies to the issuing of permits covering a single plant or plant area such as might be an operators scope of responsibility.

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Prevent Injury

Prevent Injury course covers the competency associated with the identification, avoidance, review, and evaluation of workplace risks and hazards, maintenance of personal safety and the reporting to supervisors and team members.

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Work in Accordance with an Issued Permit

This unit aims to ensure that students working under a permit to work understand the system, know the limitations of the permit under which they are working and comply with all the requirements of the permit. The people to whom this unit applies may be called permit recipients' or permit holders' by some organisations. Some organisations call permits' clearances' This unit covers the basic competency of working under a permit.

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