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Issue Work Permits

1 Day

Max Students:

Designed for:
This competency applies to students who are required to issue appropriate permits to work to persons conducting a variety of activities in workplace environments in which hazards exist or specific procedures need to followed and monitored to protect the safety of personnel and the integrity of plant or process.

RIIRIS201D Conduct Local Risk Control – delivered as part of the course


Pre-entry Requirements:

This competency unit addresses the need for students who issue work permits to understand the permit system, know the limitations of each permit and make decisions regarding the need for and correct use of each permit. This competency unit includes the issue of any and all permits. It applies to the issuing of permits covering a single plant or plant area such as might be an operators scope of responsibility.


  • Reviewing the conditions under which the work will be undertaken
  • Examining the site to determining the hazards and safety requirements applicable to the site
  • Ensuring the appropriate permit(s) is (are) selected depending on the organisations procedures
  • Determining the appropriate conditions for the permit(s)
  • Raising, authorising and issuing the necessary permit(s)
  • Monitoring compliance with the permit conditions
  • Reporting any indiscretions or violations of permit conditions and where necessary revoking permits
  • Managing the permit process especially in shift hand overs or extensions to work activities
  • Withdrawing and signing off work permits on completion of the work and verification that the requirements of the permit have been complied with
  • Identify need for work permit
  • Prepare work site for authorised work
  • Raise and issue work permits
  • Monitor work for compliance
  • Receive end of day report
  • Close work permit

Units of Competency

MSAPMPER300C Issue work permits

RIIRIS201D Conduct local risk control

Students learning outcomes will be assessed using practical activities designed to simulate a workplace and written or oral questions as appropriate.

Delivery Method:
Classroom theory via PowerPoint presentations, including audio-visual material and practical activities that simulate a workplace.

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