Online Training

Online learning has become increasingly popular in recent times. Learners can now utilise a variety of technologies to engage in innovative learning solutions that deliver quality learning outcomes. Online learning combines online with face-to-face learning. The goal of online learning is to provide a more efficient and effective learning experience by combining delivery methods. Online learning allows for Training whilst reducing lost time in production hours; thus minimising the impact of training on operations.


Our course offering includes:

Asbestos Awareness

Greencap offers its own proprietary online asbestos training course, designed as a cost-effective introduction to the asbestos, referencing regulations and the Codes of Practice for Management and Removal of asbestos.   This course is designed for tradespeople, maintenance personnel, property managers or anyone who is at risk of encountering asbestos or may need to work with small amounts of asbestos. The browser-based delivery allows training to be conducted at a time and place of the participant’s convenience. The course is approximately 1 ½  - 2 hours in duration, and upon successful completion of the section tests, a Student Certificate is issued.


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