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Asbestos and Hazardous Materials

4 hrs

Designed for:
This course is designed to equip trades people, managers, workers and occupants with the necessary knowledge to reduce exposure to asbestos by dentifying, Managing & Controlling Asbestos in the Workplace.
It will also provide an overview of other hazardous materials that may be found in the workplace such as Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB), Synthetic Mineral fibres (SMF),Lead Paint and Silica.
It is designed for trades, maintenance, property managers or anyone at risk of encountering asbestos and hazardous materials or may need to work with small amounts of asbestos.
If you or your employees work at commercial, civil or residential sites (particularly constructed prior to 2000) where asbestos and hazardous materials are likely to be present, this course is for you.
This course will assist you in identifying materials likely to contain asbestos or hazardous materials and teach you the safety requirements for working with them, giving you the tools to avoid being exposed to asbestos and hazardous materials and manage unexpected finds.*
Our trainers work in the asbestos and hazardous materials industry, and have a wealth of experience to share. We keep class sizes small to enable you to have access to the trainer and time for your questions to be answered.

Ability to read and understand English


  • Laws and guidance around asbestos management
  • Properties of asbestos and where it is found in buildings
  • Examples of occupations that may be exposed to asbestos
  • Health effects of exposure to asbestos
  • Safe management of asbestos in the workplace
  • Avoiding unexpected finds and closing the gaps
  • Emergency procedures
  • How to work safely with asbestos
  • Waste, packaging and handling
  • Asbestos removal, monitoring and clearance
  • Asbestos removal techniques
  • Typical items being illegally imported into Australia
  • Role of the Australian Border Force (ABF)

Silica, Lead, PCB and SMF

  • Overview of health risks for Silica, SMF, PCB and Lead
  • Overview of laws and guidance Silica, SMF, PCB and Lead
  • Typical materials or locations containing Silica, SMF, PCB and Lead
  • Overview of controlling silica dust
  • Overview of Lead abatement options
  • Overview handling PCB capacitors and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Typical PPE required for asbestos and each of the hazardous materials
  • How to correctly wear a tight-fitting respirator (P2)

The course is delivered face for face (a virtual face to face course is also available) in a COVID safe environment in one of our offices.

Our trainers use a combination of power point, videos, and audience participation.

Delivery Method  - Face to Face

The course is delivered face for face (a virtual face to face course is also available) in a COVID safe environment in one of our offices.
Our trainers use a combination of power point, videos, and audience participation.

Delivery Method - Virtual Face to Face

Greencap have successfully used their BigMarker webinar platform to host national webinars and client training.

For virtual face to face training, we run with open microphones and cameras allowing participants to be involved in the training.

  • The trainer can run polls
  • Handouts can be downloaded directly from the platform
  • Videos can be run
  • Questions can be asked though the chat function as well as direct questioning
  • Attendance and engagement stats
  • Training can be delivered across multiple locations and time zones
  • Links staff from across multiple sites
  • Minimises travel time and challenges of parking
  • We can have more than one presenter in multiple locations
  • Each participant or participant group will receive their own login
  • We recommend Google Chrome and a minimum of ADSL 2

The optimum speed for attendees who want to share microphones, webcams, desktops, and presentations is 10Mbps+. If possible, a wired connection is much more stable and will help prevent dropped connections and interference.

BigMarker webinars run in the cloud through your web browser, so attending a webinar is easier than ever. No downloads are required. We simply send each participant a link to join.

Greencap will use Teams as a backup training platform (training can only be delivered on one platform at a time). Our trainers will email you with a link to join if one of our platforms are not working.

COVID Safe delivery: (Face to Face training)

Our trainers are fully vaccinated.  We can only train fully vaccinated people in-person (if you are not vaccinated, please enrol in our Virtual Face to Face training course). We have reduced the number of people we are training to ensure that all participants are suitably separated from other students in a COVID safe environment. 

Mask requirements may vary from time to time in accordance with regulatory requirements. However, it must be assumed that you will be required to wear a mask whilst being trained and indoors. Please ensure you bring a mask and wear it if directed or required by law.    

Why Greencap?

Greencap has over three decades of expertise in risk management, occupational hygiene and working with asbestos. Greencap is committed to supporting sufferers of asbestos disease and increase awareness of the ongoing risks of asbestos in the community and promotes research into better treatment outcomes for those impacted by asbestos. 

* Non-Accredited. The Asbestos Awareness training is not suitable for work in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) or those wanting to remove asbestos greater than 10 square meters.

• The trainer will ask questions throughout the course to measure understanding
• A certificate will be issued following successful completion of the course

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