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AU Mould Hazard Awareness Training (MHA) Online

2 Hour

Designed for:
This course provides learners with the foundation knowledge and basic skills required to understand the health impacts and hazard of mould and dampness exposure in a home or work environment. Students will learn how to apply the basic understandings of how mould grows and under what conditions do they thrive, to the assessment of health hazards and material / property damage. Students will learn about exposure mechanisms and how to protect themselves through the use of respiratory and personal protective equipment and gain the basic principles of mould cleaning for small and simple projects.

Ability to read and understand English




  • Mould Overview 
  • Health and Economic Risks
  • Dampness and Water Ingress
  • Mould Damage Classification & Risk Assessment
  • Mould Management Plan
  • Mould Remediation Basics
  • Personal Protective Equipment


  • Series of multiple choice and true false questions throughout the course
  • A certificate will be issued following successful completion of the course

    Why Greencap?
    Greencap has over three decades of expertise in risk management, occupational hygiene and health and safety. This comprehensive, cost-effective and self-paced course was developed to equip you with the necessary knowledge required to keep you and your workers safe.

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